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  • France - Montauban: landfill biogas channeling and recovery study, design and sizing of the biogas nets
  • France - Angers: design and construction supervision of a biogas line including dryer, H2S activated carbon treatment, blower and biogas boiler - 1,5 MWth
  • France - Lille: design and construction supervision of a biogas line including dryer, H2S treatment by air injection in the digester, blower and boiler - 225 kW



  • France - North : (on going) construction supervision of a dry industrial methanisation plant - 16'000 t/y
  • France - Brive la Gaillarde: constuction supervision of a biogas boiler on a landfill - 1,3 MWth
  • France - North: feasibility study of an agricultural methanisation (5'000 t/y) : conclusion: the project is viable
  • Chile - Valparaiso region : tests monitoring and supervision on a dry methanisation pilot unit (turkey manure and wine residues)
  • France - South-West : construction supervision of the biogas recovery line from a indutrial effluent methanisation plant
  • France - Jura region: construction supervision of the landfill biogas thermal use - 450 kWth



  • France - Haute Normandie : Biogas recovery studies - biogas from anaerobic digestion cells and digestors
  • Chile - Santiago region : complete feasibility study(pre-project studies, definitive project studies, realisation studies, ...) of a methanisation plant from turkey manure waste and other industrial waste - 50'000 t/y
  • France - Drôme : Waste implantation and logistics studies in Ardèche and Drôme departments for a pre-study of a feasibility study for a methanisation project
  • Peru - turistic area : feasibility study of a methanisation plant on household and agricultural waste
  • France - Brive la Gaillarde: Landfill biogas uses study and heat recovery study - study approved by the french ADEME



  • France - Indre et Loire: heat from biogas CHP recovery and use study
  • France - Charentes: Design of a leachate treatment unit using the heat of a biogas CHP, studyes and construction supervision
  • France - Allier: Design of the connexion between the biogas and leachate nets from 2 landfills 2 km far one from eachother.
  • France - Angers: studies and construction supervision of the Biopole methanisation biogas line to supply 2 MWe CHP unit
  • France - Aisne: audit of the methanisation unit and biogaz use line restoration study.
  • France - North: Construction supervision of the biogas valorisation unit - 1MWe



  • France - Indre et Loire: design and construction supervision of an activated carbon filter for VOCs and H2S treatment
  • France - Montpellier: study and design of the biogas biological desulfuration unit of the methanisation plant - 4MWel
  • France - Marseille: leachate treatment study, design and construction supervision by heat valorisation from the CHP unit 


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